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Choosing an intimate wedding or elopement

The wedding planning process has


changed significantly in the last few years. Couples like you have had to take their plans and change them drastically because of health and safety restrictions. 

I’m here to share some good news about "downsizing", and give you the tips to help you decide if a smaller, more intimate wedding is right for you based on all that I’ve learned this last year. 

Who am I? I’m Lindsey Gordon and I’ve been a wedding and elopement photographer for 3 years in the Sarasota and Bradenton area. 

My goal is to ensure my clients have the best, most meaningful experience possible. 


Here are the things to consider if you're on the fence about an intimate elopement or micro-wedding. 

Intimate sunrise elopement on Anna Maria Island


For the past number of years, I’ve watched wedding guest counts (and price tags!) get really out of hand when planning. In my experience, this is usually due to family pressure. At some point, a lot of my couples have started to feel like it’s not even their wedding any longer. That they’re along for the ride. With a smaller wedding, you have control over every detail and it's much more manageable. 








You now have full control over the guest list and the itinerary. You get to invite the most important people in your life to be there, or it can be just you and your partner. If you want to start your day with board games, get married at the beach, and then go for a beer at your favorite brewery and get tacos from a food truck in a fancy white dress, you get to have a day that is full of what you genuinely LOVE doing. It's YOUR best day ever and what that looks like is 100% up to you, babe. 


Traditionally, it’s pretty rare for my couples to actually talk to and engage with everyone that attends their wedding. There's just so many people and so much to fit into a limited amount of time. With a smaller wedding, you can now spend time with everyone you’ve invited. 



Couples opting for smaller, more intimate weddings are saving SO MUCH money. Prices really have gotten out of control, and now you can spend the money you save in other places (a house?). The bigger the guest list, the bigger the price tag. You're not paying outrageous prices to feed 150 people, renting a huge space to fit them all, and then paying for all the other items that come along with hosting a large wedding. 


This is one of the most exciting things with micro weddings and intimate elopements  - you can get married anywhere. You no longer have to look for hall to accommodate a certain guest count, while also meeting the budget.

Now you get to be creative. Some of my couples are getting married in forests, in front of waterfalls, and at restaurants that would not have been possible with a larger guest count. If you want to hike to a mountain and get married as the sunrises, you totally can. (this photog is 100% for it!)

Plus, most outdoor spaces require only an inexpensive permit, or nothing at all. On Anna Maria Island you only need a permit if you're putting up a structure like an arbor. Otherwise, it's completely free. 


As a wedding photographer, this is the most exciting part of intimate elopements and micro weddings for ME.

Weddings have become much simpler overall. Which means, less stress for you on the day. No problems to troubleshoot, you just get to enjoy the day. This lack of stress on the wedding day, really comes through in the photos. 

We have all the time we need for photos, and we’re in control of the time of day we take them. At a traditional wedding, the photo session just kind of fits wherever it fits - which means non-ideal lighting conditions where you might not look your best.

For micro weddings and elopements, we can schedule at the best time of day for photos.



How do you plan the best intimate wedding? 


1. Pick your dream location. There are no longer any rules to where you should have your ceremony.

Parks, locations, and businesses are all really going out of their way to be super accommodating these days, and that makes your life a lot easier.

2. Spend some of the money you’re saving on bringing in great vendors. Budgets usually get stretched really thin because of the number of guests at the wedding. This is your excuse to involve all of the vendors you would want to have for your dream wedding.

3. Set up an on location dinner, or move to a restaurant. With smaller guest counts, it’s now possible to set up a small reception wherever you’d like. 




  • Schedule your ceremony when it’s good for photos. 2 hours before sunset will give us the best light for photos.

  • Hire a photographer (me!) for 2-3 hours. That will cover a little of the getting ready, the ceremony, family photos and photos of the two of you. 

  • OR, opt for a longer package for coverage of the ceremony, or to document your day if you decide you want to go for that hike, or grab donuts.

If you’re interested in working together, please send me a note in the contact form below, and I’ll get back to you within 24 hours.

Thanks for reading and if you have any other questions, feel free to reach out!

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Mountain White
Mountain White

Why opt for an elopement or intimate wedding?

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My husband and I cannot believe how lucky we are to have found Lindsey’s work on Instagram; she truly made our small and intimate wedding a memory that we will forever cherish. Her work is absolutely stunning- romantic yet playful, and her spirit is no different. 

- Grace Scarberry

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