Bean Point Anna Maria Island Engagement Session | Tasia + Lars

Officially located in the city of Anna Maria, Florida on Anna Maria Island -- Bean Point is a spot that has my heart. It's basically the northern-most point of Anna Maria Island (or the island and is unique because it's a spot where the Gulf of Mexico meets the Tampa Bay. It's the perfect spot for an engagement session because on one side you can spot the Skyway Bridge and Egmont Key and it's marked by the biggest sand dunes we have around these parts so there are lots of different beautiful backgrounds for an hour long engagement photo session.

How to plan an engagement photo shoot at Bean Point, Anna Maria Island

  1. Plan your timing around the sunset

  2. Know where to park

  3. Bring a blanket

  4. Prepare to kick off your shoes

  5. Get that ring cleaned

  6. Style your hair knowing it will likely be windy

  7. Pick where you'll go for celebratory drinks of dinner after

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Plan your timing around sunset

Once you select the date for your photoshoot on Anna Maria's Bean Point, your photographer will likely let you know what how to maximize your time to hit "golden hour." This is the time around the sunset where the light is deliciously soft, warm, and flattering as hell. If you want to get an idea of that time, you can use an app called "Lumy" - which is $6, or you can usually just Google it to get a rough idea. It's usually not a FULL hour, just a length of time that centers around the sunset when the light is typically the best.

Know where to park

The thing about Anna Maria Island is that there isn't a ton of parking. Bean Point is especially tough because there is no parking lot for visitors. It's in a residential area with various side streets for street parking. You will not be able to park on the same street as the main entrance, and will typically have to walk at least one-to-two blocks from where you park. There is parking on North Bay Boulevard, but sometimes that fills up, too. Also, be sure you arrive at least 15 minutes before your shoot time because it gets busy around sunset, especially during the winter and spring months. One more thing, be sure to mind the "no parking" signs. The streets will be clearly marked and most do not allow parking. You'll have to parallel park and make sure you're parked with your wheels FULLY off the pavement, they are strict about this.

Bring a blanket

If you're heading to Bean Point for a photoshoot, your photographer may bring a blanket along, but if you have something that you feel fits the aesthetic of your outfits, then let your photographer know! Not only will the blanket come in handy to shield your butt from the sand, but it will serve as a prop and possibly add a pop of color . Some of my most favorite blankets come from