Mommy and Me Photoshoot at Desoto National Park | Bradenton, FL

These two were so sweet, I could barely handle it. Mama, Jenny and son, Ismael are awesome. Jenny booked this shoot to celebrate his 4th birthday and to commemorate this time in their lives.

When they met me for this session in the Palma Sola area of Bradenton, her 4-year-old son walks toward me in flannel, boors, and the cutest little hat. I nearly melted. He's so sweet, but since he didn't know me, was pretty shy.

Then Jenny walks up pulls out a small bag of M&M's. We were going to use candy to get her 4-year-old son to cooperate. Genius, lady.

We were originally planning on taking pictures at the Palma Sola botanical gardens, but since there was a private event going on, we had to nix that idea. The Desoto National Park was really close and is a really pretty setting.

We went through all the M&M's, but Ismael warmed up pretty quickly anyways. I really love what we were able to capture. Check them out for yourself!

Thanks for reading!

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Bradenton, Florida

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