Striped sack dress of my dreams

Happy Sunday and St. Patty's Day! Just casually standing in the yard in my mumu-esque, horizontally (gasp) striped dress. One of the first times I wore this dress to work, a co-worker was like 'you look really comfortable.' I was immediately embarrassed. But it really is comfortable. It's totally unflattering and I know I look like I'm 15 months pregnant, but I frankly don't care. It's cute, cool, and soft as hell. It came from a local Bradenton boutique that has since closed its doors. Which is unfortunate because it was one of the few boutiques I've stepped into in my whole life that actually had some plus size options. Fitting that the only plus size options would be a collection sack-like dresses, but at least it was something. Plus, it's perfect for the beach, or lazy weekend days, as was the case last weekend. I like the drop-sleeve and the side split detail. It's also the softest cotton.

Thanks for looking. :)


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Bradenton, Florida

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