Taking pictures with Craft Beer Blogger NikkiDrinksCraft at the Ringling Bridge Causeway Park

Nikki, a craft beer blogger and a really good friend of mine, recently hired me to take pictures for her blog, Nikki Drinks Craft.

Nikki's all about the craft beverage scene in the Tampa Bay area including Sarasota, St. Pete. and Bradenton. As a big craft beer fan myself, she's introduced my boyfriend, Andy, and I to some really great breweries in the area (like Big Top, Leaven, & Naughty Monk) and some awesome beers. There's an awesome brewing community right here in Bradenton and Sarasota and I feel lucky that she's opened my eyes to it. (Thanks, girl!)

This particular shoot was at the Ringling Bridge Causeway Park, which is an absolutely stunning place to take pictures. I mean, really. Nikki needed to get some product shots for a brand she was working with, as well as some content for her Instagram and Facebook page so we changed it up quite a lot between outfits and backdrops. This park was absolutely amazing for that.

Besides the fact that Nikki has been in front of a camera a lot and she's, let's face it, stunning, this was an amazingly laid back and fun shoot. We have another session coming up in the near future that I'm very excited about.

It's my hope that I'll branch into working with more bloggers to help them execute on their vision and elevate the visuals on their blog and social media platforms. Let's schedule a mini session soon! ;)

Storm clouds were rolling in here and the color of that water is moody and oh, so perfect!

Thanks so much for stopping to check 'em out.

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Bradenton, Florida

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